In this lecture, we were introduced to ways that music is remixed, varied and how some artists mashup different songs to create an awesome composition.

Madeon is an artist who uses Novation launchpads in his performances. He performs live with the launchpad. Below is a video on how he performs.

Another  app is the launchpad app that is available as in iOS app.

Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 11.09.35 PM.png

If you have a launchpad, you can use it along with the app. You can use sounds sampled from your apple device. It is a great way for students to get creative and make their own sounds and compose.

GAMIFICATION with Rebecca Ly

We had a guest lecturer, Rebecca Ly talk to us about Gamification and its role in music education and if it works. We played on games such as Singsmash where you must sing a certain pitch.

Rebecca talked about gamification as incentive systems and reward systems to motivate students to achieve.

At the moment though, there is a still a big debate as to whether it works or not and if it is just hype. It was very interesting as Rebecca also compared gamification to every day life things such as Coles flybuys rewards which made me realise that gamification might be used to manipulate us more than we thought, even as adults in our every day lives!