Now that the interview with the DJs are done and dusted with the footage all saved on the camera, Ellen successfully organised our interview at SAE with a lecturer in electronic music, Christopher Hancock.

He said that he would give us a tour around the campus to show us the latest equipment, the studios and studio gear.


These were the questions that we had for Christopher Hancock.

  1. What degrees and courses do you offer here at your institute?
  2.  For your courses particularly with electronic music do students who come here usually come from a musical background? Do they play an instrument or do they have to be up to date with the technology rather than with music?
  3. How do you go about teaching technology because it looked very complicated? Do you have steps?
  4. Is Ableton the main software that you teach the students to use here?
  5. Do students compose a lot in this course?
  6. Do a lot of your students when they finish their degree or course do they become profession DJs or electronic musicians outside?

Chris first showed us around the school. I filmed the footage as I followed Chris and as he was explaining what gear was in what studio. After filming the footage of the campus, we went into a room where we conducted the interview. I set the camera on the tripod and filmed as Ellen asked the questions.

After all the filming was done, Ellen and I decided to film some extra footage to include in our documentary. We did a silly little one where I filmed ourselves in the elevator. We also did a proper one where Ellen was introducing what we were doing at the entrance of SAE.