Ellen and I met with the DJs, HIJCKED and SEMO. A few days prior to the interview, I sent him the question list for the interview.

Ellen borrowed a camera and tripod from James so that was what we used to shoot and film the footage.


  1. Did you have any instrumental lessons?


  1. Which musicians inspire you?


  1. How were you self-taught?


  1. Did you take elective music when you were at school?


  1. When did your musical journey start?


  1. What genre of music do you produce or play?


  1. When did you consider yourself a professional DJ?


  1. What is your DAW/software of choice and why?


  1. What do you perform with?


  1. How do you go about making your musical productions?


  1. How do you make different music blend? (cross fading, beat matching, Camelot system)


HIJCKED and SEMO are a DJ duo and they DJ together. Once we arrived at their studio, we talked through the question list and I made sure that they understood each question and what I wanted them to elaborate on. We started off by filming the interview questions and we did it in one take successfully which was fantastic. We then filmed some of the studio and filmed them showing us what music they were working on. The DJs went above and beyond and I was very impressed with how driven they were with their music making and how confident they were in their practice.