Now was time to contact some Djs. I have a friend who promotes at a Sydney club which is quite big. I decided to ask him if he knew the DJ there.

Luckily my friend was acquainted with him and passed me his Facebook details and I messaged to ask him if he was interested in participating in our documentary.

The message went something like this:

Hi _________

I am from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and I am producing a documentary for an assignment about DJs and how they got into their artists practice, their choice of DAW and method of performing like playing the turn tables, using launchpads, having a prepared tracklist of songs in the same keys and transpositions, etc. I was wondering if you would like to help me out and feature in my doco. I need some footage of you performing, some footage of you in your studio and and some footage of you answering some questions. The documentary will be presented at a lecture at the conservatorium with music educators and some businesses in attendance.

Thanks, Florence