Ellen and I agreed that we would each go out to find contacts.

I agreed to find a DJ who would agree to participate in our documentary and Ellen agreed to find a lecturer or an music educator in the field of electronic music from SAE which is a school that is known for mainly teaching electronic music and other various techy mediums like game design and film.

In the mean time, we compiled a list of questions to ask the DJs.

  1. Did you have any instrumental lessons?
  1. Which musicians inspire you?
  1. How were you self-taught?
  1. Did you take elective music when you were at school?
  1. When did your musical journey start?
  1. What genre of music do you produce or play?
  1. When did you consider yourself a professional DJ?
  1. What is your DAW/software of choice and why?
  1. What do you perform with?
  1. How do you go about making your musical productions?
  1. How do you make different music blend? (cross fading, beat matching, Camelot system)