Part of your task is to create lyrics for your rap. We will do this by writing a 3 stanza poem.

Here is an example.

Stanza 1:

First we need a drumbeat,
then we need some chords,
This will sound so groovy, but wait, lets add more!
We’re adding a melody and a bass line,
now we’re talking, its sound so chill

Stanza 2:

Music is just so wonderful and different,
the power of the voice
and the power of the sound is the best thing in the world
Music is out voice…..

Stanza 3: ( Chosen as chorus so is shorter and spoken in a way that is held longer over a melody)

Making songs,
Making grooves,
Music is smooth,
Making music

When you are writing lyrics, write about whatever you like. Just three paragraphs about something you like, remembering that you will use two stanzas and Verses and one as the Chorus. Remember, it DOESN’T have to RHYME. It can basically be 2 or 3 meaningful sentences. As long as you rap to the beat, it will be groovy!

If you are stuck, follow these set of instructions:

  • For your first stanza, I want you to include a place and a colour.
  • For your second stanza, I want you to include a food, a smell and a colour.
  • For your third stanza, I want you to include something you enjoy, a feeling and a colour.

Below is a VIDEO TUTORIAL of adding the lyrics to the music: