Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 9.56.52 PM.pngIntroduction: In this task, you will be composing a rap song by writing a poem to create lyrics. You will then perform and rap your lyrics (poem) over a rhythmic and harmonic track that you will compose.


  1. DRUM BEAT: You must create a drum beat for your song. The drum beat will be made up of THREE different tracks. You must record the drum beat with the click track on CUBASE 7 and Quantise so that it is extremely in time.
  • Bass Drum
  • Hi Hat
  • Clap

This is the VIDEO TUTORIAL of how to compose the drumbeat:

2. CHORD PROGRESSION: The next step is to create a chord progression using these chords:

  • Am| G | F | G|

Notes in Am: A C E

Notes in GM: G B D

Notes in FM: F A C

or own choice 

Once you have learnt how to play it on the keyboard and can play it in time, turn on the click track and record and quantise.

Below is the VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to create the chord progression.

3. MELODIC ACCOMPANIMENT: A melodic accompaniment is to compliment the chord and create a nice layer of sound. Create a melodic accompaniment.

Base the melody on the following notes as it is part of the chord progression that we are using:

Notes to use : A, B, C, D and E 

or own choice

Once you have composed a melody, record it in CUBASE with the click track and quantise.

Below is the VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to create the melodic accompaniment

4. BASS LINE: The next step is to record a bass line. The bass line should follow the chord progression and use notes that are a part of it. Try and make it rhythmically interesting . It is quite common for the bass line to imitate the rhythms of the drum kit. Experiment! Once you can play in time, turn the click track on and record and quantise.

Notes to use:

C, C, B, and  A  or  A, G, F and G 

or own choice 

Below is the VIDEO TUTORIAL on how to create your bassline

5. CREATE LYRICS: Write a poem about something you are passionate about.

It doesn’t have to rhyme!

  • Write a 3 stanza poem
  • Choose 1 stanza to be your chorus
  • The other two stanzas will be your Verse 1 and Verse 2.

Write lyrics for a 2 Verses and Chorus.