When making digital resources for education, graphics and the visual aspects of it are a fantastic way to stimulate learning.

If you want to show something to the class, like show them how to work with DAWS, Screenflow is a software where you can videoing on screen and it has built in audio and you can even choose if you want to include your face on the facetime camera

This is a video done on screenflow! Check it out:

The 5 main ingredients are:

  • Text
  • Audio
  • Graphic
  • Video,
  • Interactivity

These all combine to create engaging resources!

Now, when we want to add pictures in your resources to explain or show something, the easiest way would be to use your own photos. However, what if we can’t capture a photo of a specific thing? Pixabay is a great site for stock images and you don’t have to worry about copyright issues!

iBooks , are also a fantastic way to keep things interactive and through iBooks, you can create interactive worksheets.

There are also other websites that help you create interactive resources such as http://bookry.com/ where you can make your own widgets for multi touch books!